Tea Tree Oil: Nature’s Healer

tt$clay.jpgI started Miss Selby’s Soap in order to provide wholesome, natural products for my daughter who has severe sensitive skin & eczema. From birth she would have outrageous eczema break outs and rashes due to common household products such as LAUNDRY DETERGENT, shampoo, body wash, and lotions. We tried every natural product on the market, but multiple “natural” products would contain some ingredient that my daughter was allergic to. I began to realize that a lot of the products which appear to be natural sometimes contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals are stored in your body once absorbed through your skin, and they can actually lead to even worse problems! I decided that the best option for my daughter was to make products for her that I knew she wouldn’t react to. After seeing how much they benefited her life, I began to give out samples to friends & family. After people came back to ask for more, I knew our products were special, and MSS was created as a way to share these products with the world. Miss Selby’s Soap was founded on the promise to provide really natural products that you can trust only contain the highest quality, natural ingredients.
One of the first products I ever created was Tea Tree & Clay soap, and it was an instant best seller! People come in our stores and buy 6 bars at a time, and claim they could never live without this soap! It soothes any skin problem such as dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, acne and even dermatitis! We get calls almost everyday from people with chronic acne who have tried every medication possible, and the only real results they have had are from our Tea Tree & Clay Soap! It is stories like these that inspire me to create the best products possible for people who think they will never find a solution for their severe skin issues!

Miss Selby’s Soap has expanded on our tea tree & clay line to not only include the wonderful soap, but also a body butter, bath bomb, organic jojoba lotion, and organic jojoba body wash! My daughter recently has been having problems with eczema on her leg, and she started using our Tea Tree Organic Jojoba Lotion daily. Within a few days of use the results were unbelievable! Her skin is now basically cleared up!  I recommend this product to anyone – sensitive skin or not, it is just wonderful! All of our products are great for sensitive skin, but Tea Tree & Clay anything is a definite must for problematic & sensitive skin!
Available online & in-stores now @ missselbyssoap.com !!
**Body Butter does is not online during summer months**



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