Everyday uses for an Essential Oil Diffuser

I, like many people, suffer from severe asthma, and I am very sensitive to smells. This is makes it difficult when I want to freshen up a room, because most products I buy to do this create problems for my asthma. I love the natural candles we sell, they do not cause problems for my asthma, but candles seem to just mask underlying scents, and once they are not burning, the scents being covered up return. Harmful products are marketed to fix this odor-eliminating issue, and if you read the ingredients on the products, you would be (probably not) surprised to see how many harmful, cancer-causing ingredients they contain. I can only speak for myself when I say, I can actually feel my breaths become shorter, and my chest tighten when these odor-eliminating products are sprayed in a room. I personally have had to excuse myself from places where they have been sprayed, and I think my struggles with them show how harmful they can be. I certainly think they are not safe for anyone to inhale even if you don’t show the physical effects I do when I inhale them.
Luckily I have found a wonderful, natural replacement for these harmful odor-eliminating products. An essential oil diffuser takes water & several drops of any essential oil, and turns it into a water vapor that is diffused throughout a room. Different blends of essential oils are used in these diffusers to serve different purposes like stress relief, sinus relief, relaxation, energy, and even to help weight loss! I have found not only do the diffused oils affect the person who inhales their natural benefits, but also the room they were diffused in! I started using my essential oil diffuser religiously about a year ago when I moved into a new apartment. The apartment complex was older than I was used to, and had a slight musky smell. I began to diffuse oils throughout my apartment daily, and before I knew it my apartment began to take on a clean, fresh smell. It not only freshened the room when the oils were diffusing, but it seemed to actually clear out the bad smells completely, and cleanse my apartment’s unpleasant aroma. I am obsessed with lavender so this was my oil of choice to diffuse throughout my apartment, I would sometimes add a bit of peppermint, and sometimes lemon for its fresh, clean scent! I have experimented with the oils this year, and have found that oil blends are really up to you, and what scents you prefer, and how they make you feel. I am relaxed & soothed by lavender, but I know several people who just don’t like the smell of lavender at all, and prefer the scent of chamomile to soothe and relax them. One person’s favorite blend could be another person’s least, but I have put together some blends that I like, and I encourage every oil diffuser user to experiment and put together their own blends, and share them! I love trying new blends and seeing how they make me feel, and how fresh they can make a room smell, but what I love most is that I know they are not harming me when I inhale them! The instructions tell you to add 6 drops total of your essential oils into the diffuser, but I sometimes am a little heavy handed with my oils, and add up to 10 to get a really strong aroma from the oils. It is really up to you how much of the oil you are comfortable with using, but 6 is the general amount you should add.
invigorateThe first blend I like to use is very invigorating. I combine Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary to create a very energetic scent that will vitalize your senses, and help you to remain relaxed and productive. I like to use this blend when I am at my desk working to keep me relaxed and on task. Rosemary is known to help keep your mind alert & focused, which is especially helpful for people like me who suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder. Rosemary is a natural alternative for keeping my mind focused when I am working, and it is also know to enhance brain performance. Peppermint awakens your senses, and helps relieve headaches. It refreshes your mind & body, while also providing mental stimulation! Peppermint is also a known energizer, and can give you natural boost of energy as you work. Eucalyptus is one of my favorite scents because it has a slight minty scent, but is also very clean, and woodsy smelling! Eucalyptus is great for sinus relief, and helps soothe sinus headaches. It is also a great for respiratory infections, and can help people with bronchitis and asthma to breathe easier.
 As I said before, I suffer from asthma, but really I only suffered from it before I started changing the lifestyle that caused me to suffer. Now that I only use all natural home & body products, my asthma is no longer a daily issue, and only presents issues when I a
breatheeasym not taking care of my health! However, when I am sick, and my immune system is working overtime, my asthma will will decide to show up, and add breathing problems on top of whatever else I am experiencing. I use this breath easy mix when I am having issues breathing, and it really does help me! As in my previous mix, I use Eucalyptus, because it is great for respiratory infections like asthma! It is also one of my favorite scents, and I like to add it to most of my mixes just for its magical ability to help me breathe easier! Second I add White Fir, because I not only love the small, but it actually is great for respiratory infections like bronchitis, and for the cold and flu! It is also very relaxing both physically and mentally! Lastly I add Wintergreen to my breathe easy mix, because it has pain reliving benefits, and is very soothing to head tension.
cleanse I talked about using essential oils to cleanse a room of an unpleasant smell, and this mix is a great for that! I love Lemon, and has been used in cleaning products for a long time. It has several properties that make it great for cleansing! It is a great antiseptic, and wonderful for removing toxins. It is also very refreshing, and promotes immunity! Along with the lemon I add Wild Orange, because it also is a natural antiseptic and deodorant. Not only is it great at deodorizing rooms, it has many healing benefits for your mind. It is wonderful for anxiety and stress reduction, and help depression in some people! I then add Wintergreen mainly because I like its intense, stimulating smell, and it mixes well with the citrus to create a very clean, fresh scent. They all combine to really eliminate any existing odors in a room, and cleanse the room so it has a natural, fresh smell.

I love having a natural alternative to combat my asthma, ADD, and even anxiety and depression! Medications can sometimes just cover up symptoms, without healing dscn4310them, like candles cover up scents without eliminating them. Essential oils can deeply cleanse your mind and body, just like they can cleanse rooms of unwanted odors! Try them out and see for yourself! As I said before, these are some mixes that I came up with, and that work for me. Essential oils are wonderful, and each have so many amazing properties. I encourage you to visit missselbyssoap.com, and look at each oil, and their description. We have details about the uses of each oil, and the benefits they have. Experiment with different scents, and see what works for you. I encourage you to try these mixes, and even change them to fit you! They have done wonders for me, and now I could not live without my diffuser.


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