Why Miss Selby’s REFUSES to use SULFATES! | INFO


I am sure you have heard of sulfates. I have read different soap companies defense for using the chemical, while still marking their products as natural, but cannot bring myself to use them in my products – although the urge is there. I have a daughter with extremely sensitive skin & eczema, she is the reason I started this company, and sulfates are not ok for her skin, so I will never put them in my products.

What are sulfates for you ask? Well sulfates basically can cause a product to produce TONS of bubbles in water – regardless of the quality of the ingredients in the product. Usually soaps made with high quality oils, like mine, do not need sulfates, because they naturally give off a nice, rich lather. However, cheap oils do not give off as nice of a lather, and therefore companies tend to add sulfates to imitate this. More commonly than soaps sulfates, which can be found under multiple different names, are used in bubble baths and shampoos. They are everywhere! Before I started making products for her, my daughter would have painful reactions to products marked natural that contained sulfates! At the time we didn’t know what was causing the reaction, the product was natural, but upon further investigation of the ingredients sulfates would usually be one of the main ingredients.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, SLS, is the most commonly used sulfate, and it is far from natural, yet companies can add it in their products and pass them as natural, because in reality a product only has to be about 10% natural to be marked as natural – scary I know. The most common products I see with sulfates are  “bubble baths” , “bubble bars” , shampoos, body washes, soaps, and really any product that contain the word “bubble.”

Sulfates, are a petroleum-based ingredient -ew!, that are known to dry out and irritate your skin! If they are in a shampoo they can damage your hair, cause it hair to become brittle, create split ends, and irritate your scalp! Sulfates are said to be fine in moderation, whatever moderation means, but they appear in products that people use everyday! This causes your hair and skin to become extremely dry and damaged due to their harsh effects. They are certainly not ok for people with already dry or sensitive skin!! I want every ingredient in my product to have positive effects on your skin – not harmful ones!!!

Miss Selby’s vows to never include sulfates in our products. We get asked all the time if we have bubble bath, because bubble baths are so much fun, but I uphold my promise to my wonderful customers to never put out a product that I would not personally use daily – and trust me, I would never want to take a bath in sulfates! You can trust that my products only contain the highest quality, natural ingredients to nourish your skin! You want to protect and moisturize your skin, not dry-out and irritate it with sulfates. Remember, the external harms are nothing compared to the internal harms of sulfates when they are absorbed through your skin! Your skin is the largest organ, and absorbs everything you put on it! Be kind to your skin, and remember to ALWAYS READ THE INGREDIENTS!!!

We ❤️ Natural.

Natural living is not only a lifestyle, it is a necessity!!



Miss Selby


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