Let’s Talk About Bubbles….


As I mentioned in my last post, we get tons of requests for bubble bath products. We have been on the search for a natural alternative for SLS to make these products, because we refuse to use SLS in any of our products. (Check out our last blog if you want more information on why!) Well, after months of research and formulating a recipe, we have finally created Natural & Sulfate FREE Bubble Bars and Bubble Bath Gel!! Both are currently available online & in-stores, but I want to take this time to write about what makes our Bubble Bars and Bubble Bath Gel SO special!

Our bubble gel & bubble bars are natural, handmade, and bubble gloriously! (SEE: Video Clip below) We add glycerine to our bubble bars to moisturize your skin, unlike bubble bars with SLS that will dry out your skin – and BOY do our bubble bars moisturize!! Our bubble bath is made with high-quality olive oil, which is super good for your skin! Our SAFE surfactants (or as I like to call them – bubbling agents) are derived from coconuts and sugar cane, so you can rest easy knowing you aren’t soaking in harmful cheprincessbubblebar2micals! The surfactants we use are completely skin safe, and considered extremely natural. They are awesome, and we hope will take the place of SLS in other household products in the future!!

If you haven’t used a bubble bar before, it’s easy. Just crumble the bar under rapid, running water. My preference, for thicker bubbles, is to crumble the bar into a mesh colander, then run the warm bath water over the top. This creates more luxuries, thicker bubbles! The bubble bath gel works much the same, instead of crumbling the bar just add as much gel as you would like to the rapid, running water!

We are SO excited about these bubble products, and we just cannot stop using them. I have had a bubble bath nearly every night since we started producing them!! The bubbles are just SO fun, and I love that they moisturize my skin, instead of drying it out! I have severe eczema and sensitive skin, so I have never been able to enjoy a bubble bath without breaking out in itchy rashes :{ . That is no longer the case for me, these bubble products do no irritate me skin AT ALL! Order one today, and remember to let us know how you like it!!

With Love,

Miss Selby