Miss Selby’s 2017 Fall Collection

FallIsCallinf_AD.jpgChanging leaves, cozy sweaters + warm lattes are just a few of my favorite things about fall.


There is just something about a chilly fall morning drive to work, and watching as the sun begins to rise and illuminate the colorful leaves on the trees. I cherish my morning drives on these Ohio back roads, especially in the fall. This image was my inspiration going into the 2017 fall season. Fall is my favorite time of the year, and I wanted to make sure our fall collection adequately represented what fall means to me.

Our 2017 Fall Collection was designed to be extra cozy. These fall products were made with the intention to incorporate everything that is good and memorable about fall.

Scrubby_pumpkin.jpgFrom the packaging, color choices and scents, these fall products will not disappoint. This 2017 fall season we have added some new scents, and we have brought back some of our classic fall scents. (Yes, Pumpkin Pie is back – HOORAY!) So grab a bath fizzer to soak + relax, soothe your skin with our delicious whipped body butter, or simply light one our 100% soy candles and enjoy the seasons that brings so many delicious, spice-filled scents.

2017 Fall Collection Scents




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