This soap company gives me LIFE. Moving to LA I was so upset I wouldn’t be able to visit in store, but their online site is incredibly organized and the scent descriptions are everything. The Selby family really does put their heart into every batch of products. From the logos and packaging to the all natural ingredients… they really go above and beyond. Ordering online is a simple process, and the shipping is super quick! The packaging is adorable and pink. Opening a box is honestly better than Christmas. From the tissue paper and pink ribbons to the baby pink packing tape… every detail is considered and beautiful. The products are seriously divine. I am an avid user of their bath bombs and am so excited to try the bath by candlelight bomb 🙂 . I can’t wait to use an “Oat Milk N Honey” bath bomb with my big black lab! Their valentines scents are delectable… I ADORE “Pink Kisses”, if still available, this scent is a must try! The hand sanitizer is so moisturizing, after trying it I won’t be buying any from grocery store aisles. I also got one of the bubble bath bars in “Cotton Candy”… it is a sugar addicts dream scent! All of the products are incredible, and they alone are reason to invest in MSS’s local, all natural products. But the Selby family is the reason I will still order while in Los Angeles (where there are tons of “natural” “organic” this and that, that smells terrible and leaves your skin feeling too dry or too oily). Because I know that they use it personally, and that their cause is close to home (many if not all in family personally suffer from sensitive finicky skin) it incentivizes me to take risks on new products, knowing only the best ingredients are used. I am so so so in love with this company and their products. Don’t hesitate to try them all, and if you have any questions Kaelah or Renee will happily answer them. Much love to this company and family! Keep calm and suds on


Rachel Detamore